Our training programs are designed with each individual in mind. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current training regime or simply want to learn better technique with a qualified and experienced trainer, personal training with CFT is perfect for you. 
All of our instructors are Ex-Royal Marines and qualified personal trainers. With experience in all sorts of training environments we have the expertise and knowledge to help you. Please see below for further details and prices! 


Individual personal training is ideal for those who want to experience a personalised and goal orientated fitness session. Each session will be tailored towards your end goal, one that will be adjusted to your own needs and improvements.

Our PT sessions can be entirely cardio based, strength based or a mixture of both. For anyone who needs the extra push in reaching a certain target or wants a bespoke plan sign up today!


10 sessions plus nutritional consultation £265
10 sessions £250
8 sessions plus nutritional consultation £220
8 sessions £200
5 sessions £135
PAYG £30


At CFT we offer small group personal training sessions. Each session is varied and tailored to everyone involved. This sessions are designed to be fun and intense whilst incorporating each individuals personal goals and requirements.

If you prefer working out with like minded people and feel that small group training is perfect for you, a friend, partner or even a group of friends then get in touch!